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What is Good To-Go?

Good To-Go is the first line of all natural dehydrated meals made for backpackers, campers-basically anyone on the go. Good To-Go creates lightweight gourmet meals that are easy to prepare.  Just add boiling water and in minutes you have a delicious meal.  We use clean ingredients, low sodium, and no preservatives.  A meal, just like you would make at home, with healthy vegetables, toasted and ground spices and stocks made from fresh ingredients…Real Food.

Good To-Go’s meals are handmade and cooked in Maine.  Each recipe was developed with one goal in mind: to elevate your expectations of what dehydrated food can taste like.  We want you to take a break from whatever adventure you’re on, sit down, take a bite, and say, ‘Wow!’

Classic Entree – Thai Curry

Our own blend of toasted spices and aromatics give GTG’s Thai Curry its completely unique and delicious flavour.  With the addition of Thai chilis this dish has a little kick too.  You’ll find florets of broccoli, cauliflower, whole peas and green beans.  To complete the true Thai experience, our curry is served with fragrant Jasmine Rice.

2 Servings per package | Gluten Free | Pescatarian


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